Monday, February 9, 2009

Small Town Girl

I never thought that I could ever enjoy living in a small town. I always, even to this day, thought that I was a city girl -- in love with skyscrapers, busy sidewalks, and noisy chaos. I was completely wrong. Here I am in Athens, a relatively small town with an actual main street and its own history. Sure, it gets loud and the sidewalks can be busy, but this city is so quaint and so lovely. I believe the reason I am writing this is because I got to spend some time downtown today, something I never get to do, and realized that I felt content. I even had the urge to write for pleasure -- and I did.

"Walking down College Avenue, the sun shining down brightly (too warm for February), I look up from the cracked pavement to notice multiple faces curiously turning toward my direction. I look down and back up, carefully avoiding eyes, wondering what the hell they're all thinking. "Doesn't matter," I lightly comfort myself as I smile. Still, though obviously uncomfortable, I manage to enjoy my stroll to Starbucks. It's beautiful. If every day, every place, every moment was as bright, warm, sunny, and care free as this... I think I may not need anything more in life.
Bravely, as to defy my captive audience, I sit down gracefully at an iron table just outside the Starbucks, joining the mass of people who are enjoying the day in various ways: reading large books, conversing about past girlfriends, a lot of cell phone conversing, and a black scrawny woman telling me to give her all of my change... at this I am not surprised; it's all a part of being downtown. Even the loud puttering of exhaust pipes and the occasional siren of a passing ambulance add to this town's soundtrack."

Although it's not really anything to brag about, I'm extremely happy to have finally written something ...for myself! It's not great, but it fulfills its purpose.

Hopefully, I will be able to post short writings like this here, along with my thoughts, feelings, worries, expectations, hopes and doubts. I want this blog to be an outlet for my soul. Somewhere I can go to just pour it all out.