Friday, July 31, 2009

Bob Dylan Concert

Last night, my mom and I traveled to Alpharetta, Georgia to see Bob Dylan, my mom's favorite singer. My mom is in love with him as an artist. We all know Bob's voice is gruff and, frankly, kind of sucks. But if you listen to his lyrics, they are quite clever. My mom loves his 'religious phase" he went through in the 80s..? After listening to hundreds of his songs over a 6 month period, I'd have to say that the religious ones are my favorite too. He took such crap for singing them too.

With that said, we traveled to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Also there was Willie Nelson and John "Cougar" Mellencamp. All acts were great.

Willie Nelson


Mom said Willie hasn't changed in 40 years. His voice hasn't faded, his hair is still in long braids, and his arms still hang around his guitar in the same fashion. He put on a good show. Country is not my thing, but I enjoyed hearing his music.


John "Cougar" Mellencamp

I got one short video during the group's performance. I thought these two were adorable. I wish to someday dance with my husband like this at a concert. So funny.

I didn't get any pictures for his act because drama unfolded. Firstly, the sky threatened us with a downpour.

Many people had to get soaked because they had the lawn seats behind us. Luckily, we were covered by the huge overhang.

Then, to make matters more stressful, this skinny girl in a blue t-shirt would not sit down. It's ok to stand up during a song and dance and what not, especially when everyone else is doing it...but this girl refused to sit down even when everyone else was seated. She was sitting in the front row, blocking about 40 people, at least, behind her ass. Her boyfriend was standing too, but he eventually sat down because people were complaining. One of the security officers tried to get her to sit down and mentioned that the people behind her could not see. At this news, she lifted her slender arm and flicked us all off. Everyone was angry. She stood and sipped her 4th beer while all of us sat looking at her dancing ass. After about 20 more minutes of missing Mellencamp's performance, the security (with the help of her pleading boyfriend) dragged her down to the lower level out of everyone's sight. But before she left, she turned around and flicked us all off once again. Everyone cheered as she walked down the stairs. Hurrah.

Bob Dylan

He was good. His voice was hard to decode. I didn't neccessarily enjoy the singing, but I enjoyed his enthusiasm and the great live music. I was pretty relaxed. My mom made me go take a few pictures down on the lower level, until I nearly got in trouble. After that I reclined and listened. It was nice. Meanwhile, my mom was making "bathroom" trips down the the lower level. She got thrown out 3 times. Oh mom.



I made this quick video for my mom as a memento. It's not good but it serves its purpose.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Craig's List Blunders

Wanted to share this site with you all: YousuckatCriagslist

It's a collection of strange Craig's List postings. My favorite is the ironing board entry.

People are so dumb.

Not sure what these are

Not sure what these are, they are too heavy to float, but they look like surf boards. They have legs under them like a very tall table. I think they are some sort of surf training tool. If you would like one or both of them, please let me know if you would like them.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know a lot of people hate the Twilight "phenomenon," but I know more people that are obsessed. I don't think I qualify myself as a "Twilighter" but I am a fan. I've read all the books, I've seen the movie, and I'm listening to the audio book now... Mind you, I wouldn't go rip Rob Pattenson's clothes off if I saw him on the street. I enjoy the story and the characters, and I like seeing it all come together on the big screen.

With that said, here's the cast of the Volturi. Take a look:

I'm impressed by the choices made here. I don't really know any of the actors (except Dakota Fanning, which by the way looks awesome). I like how creepy Marcus looks and Aro and Caius look very vampirish, evil. I'm excited. :]

For more New Moon news, visit NewMoonTrailer Blog


So I just watched the first released clips of New Moon from Comic-con, and I have to say, I am so ashamed. SUCH A GIRL MOVIE! I can tell that it's going to be one hot bod after the next. (Not that I am complaining.) You have to see it for yourself on the blog. It is so ridiculous I had to cover my face! I feel like it's just a fan-service movie now... ay carumba!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Assigned: Jane Eyre

"You examine me, Miss Eyre," said he: "do you think me handsome?"
"No sir."


I'm reading Jane Eyre this summer. It's taken me about 3 months to complete it because of the summer I've had. The picture to the right stuns me. Both of the characters here are so much more handsome than they are in the book. In fact, both of their characters are the way they are because they're not attractive. But I guess no one wants to see ugly people on the big screen (ha-ha). What stuns me even more is that this film was directed by Franco Zeffirelli. If you know anything about his work, you'd know he directed Romeo & Juliet in the 1970s and also Jesus of Nazareth, to name a few. His Jane Eyre was done in 1996. That is a lot of accomplishment! I have not seen his rendition, but I hear it is not very good. (Zeffirelli is 86 now.)

Enough about the film. I have not finished Jane Eyre yet, but I wanted to recommend it. Growing up, Jane Eyre was just another book students groaned about having to read. I even had a close friend refuse to read it because she loathed it so. I guess when you're in high school, you hate assigned readings and you aren't very interested in the depressing life of an orphan. I was personally never assigned to read the book, and I am glad. Usually that would ruin a book for me, in hindsight. Books that were ruined for me? Catch-22, Crime & Punishment (Don't think I would've read it anyway), The Lord of the Flies (GOD I hate that book), and a lot of Poe's work. I am off topic. In short, Jane Eyre was nothing but another assigned reading in my eyes.

With the convincing of my roommate, I decided to pick up the book for my summer reading. Jane is the kind of girl I can relate to. She is somewhat plain on the outside but has dreams and hopes on the inside. Even though she's led a horribly simple life, she too wants to be romanced and to see the world. Her chance finally comes when she is asked to come to Thornfield, a great mansion owned by Edward Rochester. Finally a change of scene from the cold orphanage she grew up in and taught at. When she arrives, she is pleasantly surprised by the kindness of Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper. She is relieved to be somewhere she is wanted and appreciated. As governess of Miss Adele, Mr. Rochester's "ward", Jane is content but is still missing excitement. All this changes when Mr. Rochester finally comes back to Thornfield.

What I really like about this book is that Jane undergoes severe tribulations in her life, and yet she still, like any girl, longs for love. We get to share her obession over Mr. Rochester, like we would share with a friend. Thoughts of "where is he?" "will I get to see him today?" are like what would be flowing through my mind if I were in love with someone. Jane even has to compete with gorgeous women for Mr. R's attention, who hasn't been through that before? I really admire the straight-forward relationship Jane and Mr. R have. Jane does not hide her thoughts, she is true to herself and Mr. R seems to really admire that.

I recommend this book to anyone who can overlook its "summer reading list" facade. Definitely a chick book, but so worth the read. I give it an A+

Sunday, July 26, 2009

20 Questions, Life, and Wonderland

I know it's been awhile, but there's several reasons for that. But before I go into that, I wanted to tell you about this awesome website game by Disney. I can't tell you how many minutes I've wasted away trying to outwit this thing. 20Questions is the same basic game, but it's pretty accurate. Let's say I wanted to play the Star Trek themed 20Q. I click on the button and think of an object, person, or place. The first time I chose Sarek, Spock's father -- a Vulcan. Within about 17 questions it got it right. It even guessed Jon Foreman, the lead singer of Switchfoot, on another try. He's not that famous. So give it a whirl here.

Sadly, I've only made one post on this blog. I kind of set it up and ran. Basically this summer has been a big bummer. I've been taking two courses at KSU. Not art or psychology, oh no...accounting and management. I figured it'd be best to get these classes over with at KSU instead of UGA in the fall. I paid for what I got. My management class was the class from hell. I swear, if I had to take 3 other courses, I would have failed. But anyway... this summer has also been filled with family drama and relationship problems. Can't tell you specifically, but I can say that it had me begging for mercy.

I'm really trying to be positive though. I'm one final away from being done with summer school, I am going to NY in a week, and I'll be back in Athens soon. Good news. But I think what really made me feel better about my life was my trip to church this morning. God really spoke to me. He said what he said loud and clear, so there was no confusion. I needed that more than anything.

Wish I could write more, but I'm awfully tired. Goodnight.


If you haven't seen it, here's the new Alice In Wonderland movie. Are you excited?