Monday, September 28, 2009

Non-Journalist Journalist.

Today I pushed myself to the max. I got three interviews done with journalism and advertising professors. I normally wouldn't punish myself like this, but I had no choice. The paper I am writing for Fink's class is probably one of the most demanding papers I've done yet, and it's not over. I have two difficult papers following this one.

I often think to myself that I am not cut out for journalism. That there is not a bone in my body that screams "news!" or that likes asking strange people questions about things I have no clue about. There is nothing in me that craves a newspaper.

Sure, throughout my training here at Grady I have gained a respect and almost protective attitude towards the news. I really do see the importance of it. I know that in order to keep our democracy going, we need the news. I know that journalists are the watchdogs who "bark in the night," as Fink says. (I don't know how many times he's said this, I'm sure it's a song and dance to him now.)

Whenever I sit in his class, however, I feel quite inadequate; especially compared to the students who work on the Red & Black, the student newspaper. I have never had enough time to write regularly for any paper or magazine. My school work has always been too much. Besides, I just am not a newspaper person.

Hopefully I will be able to find what I really love doing and do it. Perhaps editing is my thing. Maybe writing magazine articles about things that matter to me. Who knows where I will end up. I just know that I'm in His hands.

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